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3 Major Construction Trends For North Carolina in 2019 And Beyond

The construction industry is expected to grow 4.5% in the coming year, and the North Carolina construction industry, in particular, is booming as a myriad exciting commercial projects are announced and developed. With this in mind, we at Riggs-Harrod Builders, Inc. watch market trends both here in the state and beyond; the following three trends are the most notable to us and, we believe, to our clients.


Green and sustainable construction

Eco-friendly construction—an umbrella that includes “green,” “renewable,” and “sustainable” construction—aims to reduce or completely eliminate the production of greenhouse gases and other harmful effects on the environment. It’s a market worth exploring, especially as green construction becomes, statistically, more desirable.


North Carolina in particular is at the forefront of the green construction market, with, for example, its solar megawatt output ranking second in the entire country. Eco-friendly projects like this 125,000 square foot K-12 school campus—designed to generate more energy than it uses—abound in the state.


Infrastructure development

Numerous factors play into whether infrastructure development actually occurs in any city, but most sources indicate that, in general, infrastructure will fall under construction’s attentive eye in the coming years. This is, therefore, another important market trend to consider, especially in North Carolina. For instance, one particular firm in Charlotte is finding success in “community-minded” projects that will “support a community’s growth,” such as a Durham-to-Chapel-Hill light-rail project.

Drone, AR, & BIM technology

Sources show that drones, augmented reality (AR), and building information modeling (BIM) are all resources that will be used frequently in construction from the present onward. This tech, as one firm in Raleigh has discovered, allows for benefits such as:

  • increased quality of prefabricated parts
  • increased personal safety
  • decreased equipment loss
  • and efficient project staging.


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