• Location/Hillsborough
  • Owner/ Warren Faircloth
  • Architect/ MHA Works
  • Project type/ Industrial

Skimmerland is located on 525 Dimmocks Mill Rd. in Hillsborough, N.C. This project was entered into the VP Hall of Fame.

Garner Fire Station No. 4 and EMS

  • Location/Durham
  • Owner/ Wake County
  • Architect/ Stewart Cooper Newell
  • Project type/ Municipality/Industrial

Garner Fire Station No. 4 is located on 125 Spaceway Court in Garner, N.C. The building host both firefighters and EMS workers.

Eno Fire Station No. 2

  • Location/Hillsborough, N.C.
  • Owner/ Orange County
  • Architect/ Griffin Architecture
  • Project type/ Municipality/ Industrial

Eno Fire Station No. 2 is located on 5501 St. Marys Rd. Hillsborough, N.C. 27278.

Durham Solid Waste Facility

  • Location/Durham
  • Owner/ Durham County
  • Architect/ The Freelon Group
  • Project type/ Industrial

Durham Solid Waste Facility is located on 1833 Camden Ave. Durham, N.C. This project uses many Green Building techniques including: day-lighting,motion/heat/light sensors, design team integration, and south facing orientation.

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